Our segway adventure

I’d like to state for the record that I didn’t fall off.

Pork Belly did – twice.

But then he is a bit more adventurous than I so while I was pottering around, admiring the scenery, neatly manoeuvring around trees and dodging the occasional over-enthusiastic dog, he was roaring round the narrow woodland paths, tackling roots, stumps and hairpin bends.

Segway follow the leader © rosemaryandporkbelly.co.uk
Segway follow the leader

It was my first ever Segway experience, and I loved it!

I usually leave the extreme stuff to Pork Belly. So far I’ve sent him gliding and rally driving, but  I thought I really should give a bit of adventure a go.

Rosemary showing off her elbow protection © rosemaryandporkbelly.co.uk
Rosemary showing off her elbow protection

Our Segway event in Kent’s Mote Park was just the right balance (balance being the operative word) of activity and relaxation.

After donning helmets, elbow and knee pads we were given a swift but thorough safety briefing, which basically boiled down to if you’re worried step off backwards and look after yourself, the Segway will stop of its own accord!

Segway personal tuition © rosemaryandporkbelly.co.uk
Segway personal tuition

We then had a few minutes personal instruction until we all had the hang of it – lean forward to go forward, backwards to go back and stay upright to stop.


Handling mastered - off to play in the park © rosemaryandporkbelly.co.uk
Handling mastered – off to play in the park

And actually it was pretty straightforward. A few fun challenges under the trees to get us all feeling confident and we were off – me at stately pace, Pork Belly zipping around like an annoying mosquito.

Segway racing © rosemaryandporkbelly.co.uk
Segway racing is great fun

Once in the woods there was a track laid out with tight corners, overhanging branches and narrow paths. I didn’t enjoy this as much as the open fields but Pork Belly was in his element – cornering tighter, going faster and ultimately coming a cropper over a tree root.

Don’t worry, he bounces.

You can do the Segway challenge at a number of places in the UK. Mote Park was a good location for us – easily accessible from the M25, a pretty place to while away a few hours and lots of open space to practice in.

Disclaimer: Buyagift gave us a Segway experience for free but the views expressed are entirely our own.

  1. There’s nothing better I could think of right now than time at a spa … especially after working a 12hr shift today… my feet definitely need some pampering : )

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