Treasure Hunting in Brighton

‘No look, it’s a face.’
‘But I don’t see any stars….’
‘Are we even in the right place?’

There were few passers-by to witness our animated discussion on a Brighton street corner, and no-one to hear the final cry of triumph: ‘Ah got it!’

I’ve lived in and around Brighton for almost my whole life but there’s always something new to discover. And a treasure hunt is a great way to unveil hidden mysteries.

The Royal Pavillion, Brighton Sussex UK © rosemaryandporkbelly
© rosemaryandporkbelly

Treasure Hunt, Brighton

Treasure hunts are opening across the UK (see full list of locations below) and we were gifted one for Brighton.

Walking shoes on, we pitched up at the India Gate entrance to the Royal Pavilion Gardens for our clues which are accessed via an email log-in. The trail, with maps, leads you on a two and half hour stroll through the city’s most famous places.

Of course we expected to do pretty well, after all haven’t we been giving our visitors the guided tour for years?

Mobile phone © rosemaryandporkbelly
© rosemaryandporkbelly

Even so we looked and we learned a few fun facts we’d never known before.

As with most treasure hunts it has a mildly piratical theme. Cap’n Bess is the character who delivers clues to you phone in carefully spaced out intervals.

It’s easy to set up and fast – the first clue comes within seconds of you typing in START. There’s nothing to print out, scan or generally fuss about with.

It takes a few seconds more to set up the rest of your team on their phones – although with just the two of us Pork Belly left me to do all the admin!

The instructions leave you plenty of time to find the answer and tap it into your phone.

Lamp post Brighton seafront Sussex UK © rosemaryandporkbelly
© rosemaryandporkbelly

There are also opportunities to do your own exploring, sightseeing and snacking en route.

It was a pretty chilly day when we took up the challenge and shops and attractions were still COVID-closed, so we didn’t linger too long, completing the whole trail in just under two hours.

But once restrictions are eased there’ll be plenty of places to stop, shop, snoop and generally relax in parts of the city you might not otherwise have found.

The Treasure Hunt is flexible, you can take as long as you like and even finish up the next day if you need to.

Old red phone boxes Brighton, Sussex © rosemaryandporkbelly
© rosemaryandporkbelly

How to get the best out of your Treasure Hunt experience

First of all use our unique discount code – just enter ROSEMARY-PORK-BELLY-10 at checkout for 10% off.

Of course we can’t tell you too much about it, for fear of giving it all away.

The clues are cryptic enough to be a challenge but not quite as fiendish as those you’d find in, say, an Escape Room.

Being outdoors is great in these COVID times and perfect for those of a nervous disposition who don’t like the trapped feeling of a more immersive event.

Circus mural, The Lanes Brighton Sussex © rosemaryandporkbelly
© rosemaryandporkbelly

Here are our top tips:

• Assemble a team of like-minded folk. Two is fine, but more is merrier.
• Appoint one to be in charge of map reading, everyone else to listen and look.
• Look up, look down, look all around. Some things will be obvious, others less so.
• Be prepared to argue (just a little bit) but keep going back to the clue – you can always type HINT if you get really stuck.
• Wear comfy shoes! It’s not a hike, but you will be on your feet for quite a while.
• Take your time. There’s no set time for your Treasure Hunt and and you have access to the clues all day if necessary – and even the next day if you drop into a convivial bar or restaurant and don’t emerge until it’s dark!

Brighton Bike Share bicycles © rosemaryandporkbelly
© rosemaryandporkbelly

Pork Belly and I did disagree over some of the clues – they were a little vague in places and open to interpretation – and we did have to call on Cap’n Bess for help a couple of times.

The scoring is just for fun, not shared with anyone, so you don’t need to feel embarrassed.
We did pretty well, with 9 out of 11 clues guessed right first time.

The revamped version has an updated scoring system and we’re told that would come out at a very creditable 51 out of a possible 55 points.

So thank you Cap’n Bess – we will join your crew again another day.

Brighton shop front, Sussex UK © rosemaryandporkbelly
© rosemaryandporkbelly
Seahorse, Brighton seafront © rosemaryandporkbelly

And as for our photos – do they give you any clues? Well you’ll certainly spot all of them if you keep your eyes peeled, but definitely No Spoilers!

Seagulls, Brighton © rosemaryandporkbelly

Treasure Hunts across the UK

For full details of how to play, check out Treasure Hunt, Brighton.
Cost in 2021 is £9.99 per person, under 16s are free. Don’t forget our discount code ROSEMARY-PORK-BELLY-10 for 10% off.

It’s great for families, suitable for kids from the age of 8, although younger ones can join in the fun with help and the route is pushchair friendly.

A team of two is perfectly fine (you could play solo but you need to contact the organisers to arrange this) but if there’s more than 6 of you it’s best to make up two teams and challenge each other.

Bad weather shouldn’t stop play – if it’s mizzly take a break, or try again the next day.

The company hosts events in a number of UK cities including Bath, Bristol, Cambridge, Chester, Manchester and York.
Find a full list of the Treasure Hunt locations here

Disclaimer: We were gifted a Treasure Hunt for 2. Opinions are our own.

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