Vegan rhubarb and almond cake

When rhubarb’s in season Pork Belly goes crazy in the kitchen, but he loves to make more than traditional crumbles and pies.

Like the white knight in Alice Through the Looking Glass, he’s come up with an “It’s my own invention” vegan rhubarb and almond cake.

Most recipes choose to add uncooked rhubarb to cake mixes, but he prefers to lightly poach it first to ensure a soft, smooth texture.

The result is a moist, close textured cake with a full flavour of rhubarb.

Pork Belly also created a version with 2 oz diced stem ginger (increase the flour to 14 oz to replace the ground almonds) with ground ginger instead of cinnamon. It too was delicious but the ginger does have a tendency to overpower the more delicate rhubarb flavour so it’s not to everyone’s taste.

Vegan Rhubarb and Almond cake

Vegan rhubarb and almond cake

Pork Belly
Perfect recipe for rhubarb season
5 from 2 votes
Prep Time 20 mins
Cook Time 1 hr
Total Time 1 hr 20 mins
Course Cake
Cuisine English
Servings 12


  • 10 oz self-raising flour
  • 4 oz ground almonds
  • 6 oz sugar we used half muscovado, half caster
  • 2 teaspoons cinnamon
  • 12 oz rhubarb cut into ¼ inch pieces
  • 2 tablespoons vinegar white, cider or fruit infused work best
  • 1 level teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
  • 6 fluid oz oil
  • Soya milk
  • For poaching the rhubarb 3 tablespoons apple juice and 1 tablespoon sugar.


  • Prepare a 9" square baking tin
  • Gently poach the rhubarb in the apple juice and sugar until it is just soft. Strain the juice into a jug and leave both rhubarb and juice to cool.
  • Put all the dry ingredients except the bicarbonate of soda into a bowl.
  • Take the liquid from the rhubarb and add enough soya milk to make it up to ½ pint.
  • Add the vinegar and the bicarbonate of soda and watch it froth!
  • Add this mixture and the oil to the dry ingredients and stir to a smooth consistency.
  • Fold in the rhubarb, pour into the greased, lined tin and bake in a moderate oven, gas mark 5, for about an hour.
  • Turn out and cool, dust with icing sugar and serve.

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  1. 5 stars
    I made this with GF flour and Coconut sugar – also added a little lemon rind to the mix – absolutely delicious!
    Great recipe and simple to make 🙂

    1. Hi Bernadette, I like to use a light vegetable oil, rapeseed oil or my fave is sunflower. Happy baking.

  2. Hi, do you think hemp/almond or rice milk could replace soya milk? I am all ready to try hemp but decided to ask first 🙂 Many thanks, Yvie

    1. Hi, it should work fine with any alternative to dairy milk. Love to know how you get on. Happy baking!

  3. 5 stars
    Delicious – can’t believe how well this cake rose in the oven and the taste and texture are great!

  4. We’ve been asked what type of vinegar it’s best to use. Whilst any vinegar will do the trick the lighter, white ones work best. We used a white wine vinegar but distilled white, apple cider or other fruity vinegars would work well. Pork Belly’s partial to a drop of raspberry vinegar. Save the brown malt for your fish and chips!

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