Where the wild things grow

“I don’t so much tame nature as edit it!”

So says Jean Jackman whose gloriously rambling garden in the heart of West Sussex is a haven for wildlife with a distinctly personal style.

No vast acres, rolling lawns or serried rows of neat borders for Jean. Instead she’s created a garden of winding paths, towering shrubs and a whole host of wild flowers. Continue reading Where the wild things grow

Golfing with dinosaurs

Hey, there’s something new in Brighton Marina, guaranteed to put a smile on your face and keep the young ‘uns happy for half an hour.

Pork Belly and I find the marina a bit of a mixed bag so don’t often venture that way. On a warm summer’s evening it’s a pleasant enough place for a stroll; the boats bobbing gently in the harbour are pretty, the flats overlooking the sea are well-kept, the restaurants on the Boardwalk (all the usual suspects; the high end fast food selections) are quietly buzzing and I’m sure the new blocks, once complete, will look fine. Continue reading Golfing with dinosaurs

Legends of Languedoc

They say the past is another country – Languedoc is another country with a past.

Nowadays it’s better known as a sun-soaked travel spot in central southern France, spreading from the Rhone valley in the east to the Spanish border in the west. But it was once an independent province, free from the shackles of the northern kings, proudly speaking its own language (the Langue d’Oc) and determined to go its own way.  Continue reading Legends of Languedoc

Seaside Shuffle

Shoreham-by-sea is a small town nestling between the South Downs and the sea and bridging the gap between Brighton and Worthing. Folk using the A27 sail right on by, but turn off at Shoreham’s answer to spaghetti junction and you’ll discover a little coastal gem with a rich maritime history.

Pork Belly is Norfolk born and bred and proud of his roots. Mine are a little more tangled, but a good swathe of my childhood was spent in Shoreham where my family, like the town itself, was divided by the River Adur into  two quite distinct parts – town and beach. Continue reading Seaside Shuffle