Going underground

For me no holiday would be complete without at least one trip around a castle. There are so many to explore. Fighting forts emerge, battle-scarred and gaunt, from the hard rock that bears them. Royal palaces, hinting of romance and mystery, are spun out of light and crystal-white stone. Some seem to float on air whilst others are clearly designed to shelter a sleeping beauty.

Then there are the iceberg castles – serene and beautiful on the surface with a whole world lurking underneath. Continue reading Going underground

The Witch Queen of…Brighton

Animal carvings, strange and smooth, glow in the dimly lit cabinets. Round fecund figures and line drawings of horned beasts, representing male-and-female, sun-and-moon, yin-and-yang,  stand side-by-side.

Witch-beads and rune stones, powerful portents of things beyond the physical world, are clustered  together and the talismans of bell, book and candle are laid out on a glass encased altar. Continue reading The Witch Queen of…Brighton

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