Off the Line Vineyard

The track leading to one of Sussex’s newest vineyards is winding and just a little bit rough. I find myself humming the Jeff Beck classic “Going down a bumpy hillside, in your hippy hat”. Not that I’m wearing a hippy hat – the breeze on a mid-May Sunday is too brisk – and anyway it wouldn’t match my stout walking shoes.

We’re here to meet the vineyard’s owners, Kristina Studzinski and Ann-Marie Tynan, whose shared passion for good wine led them to establish a vineyard together. Continue reading Off the Line Vineyard

Back to the garden

I’m a nosey person; the type who can’t pass a sign on a lamp-post without stopping to read it – planning application, missing pet or proposed parking restriction, you name it, I’ll study it.

And I’m a bit the same with gardens – I love poking about in other people’s open spaces, rootling in the rockery, sleuthing in the shrubbery, marvelling, admiring and dreaming of what I could do if I wasn’t restricted to a few patio pots. Continue reading Back to the garden

The Bakewell Identity

In England’s wild and wonderful Peak District there lies a small market town with a long history. Mentioned in the Domesday Book, the settlement grew up around a cluster of thermal springs which gave the place its name: ‘Badequella’ meaning Bath-well.

Nowadays the town is synonymous with one of England’s classic desserts, yet a mystery lies at its heart – one that is more controversial than the American cupcake vs English fairy cake debate and almost as hotly contested as the jam-or-cream-first scone rivalry of the West Country. Continue reading The Bakewell Identity

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