A Royal Christmas

We step across the threshold out of the cold, wet November night into the light of two sparkling Christmas trees and the welcoming flicker of firelight. The rose pink walls of the Long Gallery, mimicking  the glow of dusk,  softly illuminate our way. We almost expect the Prince Regent himself, appearing in a puff of smoke at the top of the bamboo staircase, to welcome us, his guests.

We’re on a festive after-hours tour of Brighton’s Royal Pavilion. The Prince is sadly not in  residence but guide Darren Terry is bringing him to life.

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Festive Fairs UK

Christmas shopping can be stressful, but let yourself be tempted by the glittering fairy lights, tinkling music, Santa’s grottoes (all housing the Real F. C. of course) and the warmly welcoming aroma of mince pies, gingerbread and maybe even a hot toddy or two, and somehow it doesn’t seem so tough.

Of course there are spectacular markets across Europe, but with the pound in free-fall and an uncertain future many of us Brits will opt for the home-grown this year.

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The ‘oh no, not another Christmas list’ list

Sorry, it’s November and the C-word is out there.

It’s about this time that websites like ours start to trot out those present wish lists.

Perfect gifts for Him, for Her, for Sport-lovers, Music-lovers, Left-handers – reams of the impossibly expensive, outlandish or just plain weird. Continue reading The ‘oh no, not another Christmas list’ list