Hidden Spring Vineyard

There’s a hopeful feel when you look at a newly-planted vineyard. An almost certainty that with a smidgin of sun, a drop of rain, much patience, technical skill, a touch of alchemy and a little time, something rather wonderful will happen.

Visiting Hidden Spring in Sussex on a cool but gloriously sunny day, revelling in the sight of majestic oaks (dropping their acorns almost onto my head) sipping a chilled and elegant white wine and hearing the story of how this old vineyard is gradually being brought back to life, reminded me that autumn is my favourite season. Continue reading Hidden Spring Vineyard

Best of British

It’s the time of year when even townies like myself start to think of the harvest.

When I was young the tradition of Harvest Festival was very much part of my life – the local church and school united to share the fruits of our own, or someone else’s, labour with those less fortunate.  As childish trebles piped “we plough the fields and scatter’ we brought shoe-boxes full of jam, jelly, flour and, for some obscure reason, tins of baked beans. Continue reading Best of British

Sally Laker, star baker

Time flies when you’re having fun – and we certainly get a kick out of  interviewing interesting and creative folk for this site.

It’s been more than two years since we took a road trip to Kent to watch the extraordinary Sally Laker in action as she baked and sculpted cakes that sometimes went beyond the bounds of the believable.  Continue reading Sally Laker, star baker