Pie & Vinyl, Southsea

Passionate about pies and music? This is the place for you.

We’d heard about it from students getting into the new vinyl scene (of course there was only vinyl when Pork Belly and I were growing up) who were raving about the atmosphere – and the pies.

Pie and Vinyl café - Portsmouth

We dropped in, appropriately enough, during British Pie Week. Did we enjoy it?

Hell yeah!

Stepping inside it feels more like a second hand shop; shelves all a-clutter with music memorabilia, mugs, jugs and mismatched teapots.

Pie menu - Pie and Vinyl Portsmouth

Assorted tables and chairs are squeezed in randomly and you can barely see the counter for phonographs, reel-to-reels and record covers.

Despite the nostalgia kick, the place is bang up to date, promoting new music, hosting up-and-coming bands and running its own record label. The music’s great, the atmosphere is fun and the staff are friendly.

Inside Pie and Vinyl café - Portsmouth

Piano and memorabilia - Pie and vinyl Portsmouth

But we were there for the pies.

Merchandise - Pie and Vinyl Portsmouth

Mismatched cutlery - Pie and Vinyl Portsmouth

The menu is wide ranging – as long as you like pies. There are options for carnivores, allergy sufferers, veggies and vegans. You can order just a pie, or with gravy, with added mash and mushy peas or extras up to and including a second pie!

And they all have rather bizarre names.

Thee Oh Sea's pie - Pie and Vinyl Southsea, Portsmouth

Pork Belly chose Thee Oh Sea’s fish pie and the optional topping of cheese and crispy shallots. Nice chunks of fish, in a creamy parsley sauce. No word of criticism passed his lips – but then his mouth was rather full.

The Super Furry Animals vegan pie - Pie and Vinyl café Portsmouth

I went for the vegan Super Furry Animals – vegetables and vegan sausage in a tasty tomato sauce – served with vegan mash. Great flavour in the pie, the mash was a little bland but the vegan gravy more than made up for that.

Character teapots - Pie and Vinyl cafe Southsea, Portsmouth

Coffee was good and they’ve a large number of non alcoholic fruit cordials which you can have still or sparkling, hot or cold. I went for lemon and ginger and Pork Belly opted for rhubarb and rose-hip. They came in a couple of character teapots – very cute.

Piano, menu and memorabilia - Pie and Vinyl cafe Portsmouth

Music memorabilia - Pie and Vinyl Portsmouth

After all that we regretfully declined cake. A shame, but it gives us a reason to return

Tea and tiny things - Pie and Vinyl café Southsea, Portsmouth

Fancy going? For opening times, prices, seasonal menus and gig news check out their website Pie and Vinyl.

Vinyl records - Pie and Vinyl Portsmouth

Posters - Pie and Vinyl Portsmouth

Disclaimer: We paid for our own meals. All opinions are our own.

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